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Concrete Facts

Concrete is the second most used material on the planet behind water. We produce over 10 billion tonnes of concrete every year.


Tonnes wasted every year


Tonnes of carbon emitted


Value lost

Plastic Facts

Plastics make up 13.1% of the US Municipal Waste Stream by weight.


Tonnes of plastic wasted annually


Tonnes burned annually


Tonnes landfilled anually


Tonnes recycled anually


Our team will work with you through assessment and onboarding

QR Code Tracking

Scan your product with a camera and learn the provenance

Digital Advertising Space

Communicate with all of your customers

Increase Margin

Start saving on material costs sourcing locally, sustainably

New Revenue Streams

Find out what your waste streams are really worth

Reduce Waste Cost

Find a home for your valuable materials, and create revenue in the process

Be responsible

Understand your product, the materials it's made from and their impact on the environment

Materials with provenance

Let your customers be proud to know that they have bought sustainably

No more single use

Reusable plastics generate new revenue for our clients

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